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Beauty Kliniek Holiday Specials

Stocking Stuffer Treat 3 Hours, 15 Min.* ($280)

Relax in our infrared sauna followed by a tension relieving full body massage. A Spa facial follows with hand & foot massage and warm booties. A manicure completes your relaxation. A quick getaway to invigorate and escape.

Marvelous Morning 3 Hours, 15 Min.* ($290)

Several hours of just marvelous relaxation is ahead of you. You begin with a relaxing infrared sauna and our Signature aromatherapy facial, as your feet are massaged and encased with warmed booties for the ultimate in pampering. A stress relieving back massage melts tensions away. Finally, enjoy an excellent pedicure with foot massage for happy feet. Simply marvelous!

Guys Retreat 2 Hours* ($180)

Relax in our infrared sauna with an invigorating underwater massage to loosen tense muscles, followed by a 50 minute tension relieving full body massage. A designer men’s haircut will make you look as good as you feel!

Relax & Refresh 2 Hours, 45 Min.* ($285)

Relax and detoxify in our Infrared Sauna followed by a 50 Minute Therapeutic Massage guaranteed to get you into a deep state of relaxation. Our cleansing and relaxing Spa Facial completes your relaxing retreat at the spa.

Royal Coconut Milk & Honey Ritual 80 Min.* ($175)

Your treatment will begin with a warm, full body exfoliation, using organic cane sugar, Fijian Honey, and coconut milk. Your skin will then be drenched with a century’s old, highly moisturizing skin tightening body mask. As the Fijian Honey and royal jelly body mask nourishes your skin, you will be wrapped in warm sheets enhanced with warm stones. As you are entering into a state of total relaxation, a traditional Fijian Scalp Massage is preformed with exotic oils restoring shine and moisture to your hair. Your treatment will then conclude with exotic island oils applied to your skin with warm stones. You and your body will leave refreshed, relaxed, and nourished from head to toe.

Holiday Treat for Two 1 Hour, 15 Minutes* ($320)

Relax together in our private infrared sauna. You will each receive a 50 minute aromatherapy massage, side by side in our healing room. -Add on a Spa Facial (+$110 each)

Executive Evening 4 Hours* ($345)

Leave the world behind as you relax in our infrared sauna followed by a full-body massage to soothe tense muscles. Now the stress of your daily life melts away. Our Spa facial will leave you even more soothed. A luxurious and pampering French Spa Pedicure on a throne-like chair eases tension from your feet as aromatic oils fill the air and jacuzzi jets massage the reflex points of your feet. A manicure completes your time at the spa. You will then be ready to face the world.

Day of Beauty 5 Hours, 30 Minutes* ($395)

Emerge radiant and glowing from our relaxing Spa facial with hand and foot massage. Moisturizing lotions are massaged into tired hands and feet and warmed mittens and booties help to soothe as they aid penetration of the lotions. Enjoy a light lunch in our relaxation room. After a therapeutic full-body massage you will feel extremely calm. Our luxurious and pampering French Spa Aromatherapy Pedicure is next. A manicure, personalized makeover and hair-styling completes your total look.

Aromatic Afternoon Approx. 3 hours, 45 minutes – $350

Aromatherapy Facial, Aromatherapy Massage, French Spa Aromatherapy Pedicure, French Spa Aromatherapy Manicure & Hand Treatment

Ease your cares away with Beauty Klinieks Day Spa. As you enter the treatment room, exquisite aromatherapy oils waft through the air to balance body in addition to mind and soul. Next, an Aromatherapy Massage will as a result leave you centered and calm. In addition we end your afternoon with our specialty aromatherapy hand and foot care. Delightfully aromatic

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