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Spa & Salon Services for Men
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Mens Spa San Diego

Spa & Salon Services for Men

At our Mens Spa San Diego we are the best hair salon for men. We have been in the scene for a long time now; hence, you do not need to worry about the quality of our services. Be it a simple hair cut or a relaxing spa, we are the best and the most reliable salon to take a trip to. Whether you are a corporate executive looking for a rejuvenating facial or a fitness instructor looking for a relaxing massage, we have the service for you. At our Mens Spa San Diego you can rejuvenate, de-stress and relax.

Just For Him Escape

Approx. 2 Hours and 45 minutes – $259

Infrared sauna, about 50 minutes of spa facial and deep tissue massage

Our infrared sauna treatment helps in releasing toxins, alcohol, nicotine, sodium and heavy metals from your fat tissues. This service helps trigger points or cross fiber promote quick recovery from strained, sore and injured muscles and also assists in joint mobilization. This is followed by our signature Mens Spa San Diego facial which gently exfoliates and cleanses your facial skin. We do this with products made up of botanical extracts. It soothes the skin of your face, neck and shoulders, relaxing your tense muscles and enhancing your facial glow. We also massage your feet for added pleasure.

Executive Retreat

Approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes – $265

Infrared body wrap, sports manicure, deep tissue massage with essential oils, and hot oil scalp therapy.

Warm infrared rays of our infrared body wrap create a deep healing for aching muscles and tired joints. Enjoy a hot oil scalp massage to stimulate blood circulation and soothe and relax the mind. Complete this deep relaxation and detoxification therapy with a deep tissue massage with essential oils of rosemary, marjoram, black pepper to release tight muscles and de-stress.

Gentleman’s Facial

Approx. 60 minutes – $125

A therapeutic, deep-cleansing facial meant specifically for men’s special skin care needs

This involves relaxing steam and gentle extraction of skin pores, followed by a soothing massage and mask for the face, neck and shoulder. This mask is made up of ginseng, chamomile, horsetail etc. which restores the health of your skin that has been harmed by razor burn and sensitivity to pollution.

Gentlemen’s Back Facial

Approx. 55 minutes – $110

For removing impurities and deep cleansing your back

At our Mens Spa San Diego this treatment involves rubbing of an apricot scrub on your back accompanied by gentle steam. This is followed by acupressure massage and a clay mask.

Hot Oil Scalp Treatment

About 55 minutes – $65

Invigorates and increases circulation in the scalp

At Beauty Kliniek Mens Spa San Diego we are the best hair salon for men offering this signature scalp treatment that helps reduce stress. It involves an acupressure massage which increases circulation and revitalizes stressed nerves.

Deep Tissue Massage

About 25 or 50 minutes – $85/$110

This vigorous massage releases tension and helps reduce pain and soothe tight muscles.

Basics Pedicure

Approx. 45 minutes – $35

This is a no frills pedicure for ultimate comfort in our comfortable Jacuzzi pedi-chairs

This involves soaking your feet in essential oils in our pedi-chairs with whirlpool jets. This pedicure involves removing callouses and trimming cuticles and nails. Your pleasure is deepened by our relaxing foot massage.

Sports Manicure

About 30 minutes – $25

Perfect grooming for your hands

We trim your cuticles, smoothing the rough edges your fingers may be having and cleaning a filing of your nails. This is followed by buffing of your nails with a chamois for lending it a healthy glow.

Mens Spa San Diego

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Mens Spa San Diego

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Mens Spa San Diego

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Mens Spa San Diego

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