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Our Clinical Aromatherapy Treatment

Ask yourself these questions –

Are you anxious depressed lethargic or fatigued? In addition do you have hormonal disorders, skins conditions, digestive problems or hormonal imbalances?

If you answered yes, you are in right place! With our aromatherapy San Diego there are ways for you to overcome these and in addition many other conditions utilizing the power of essential oils.

Our experts create customized blends for you utilizing the innate intelligence of essential oils. As a result giving support to your body to achieve and maintain vital health.

Aromatherapy San Diego or essential oil therapy is a natural, gentle treatment to overcome many conditions and as a result no side effects

We look forward to helping you find your recipe for vital health. Integrating essential oils into your daily life so that as a result you can achieve optimal health and restore vibrancy.

Experience the power of essential oils by experiencing the profound effects that a Clinical Aromatherapy San Diego treatment can bring. In addition, during this natural, non-invasive treatment we affect the whole person not just the symptom or disease. As a result this helps the body’s natural ability to balance, regulate and heal. Come and experience this caring, hands-on therapy. Which, in addition, will induce relaxation, increase energy and as a result reduce the effects of stress.

What Is Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy San Diego is a holistic treatment utilizing essential oils from plants. As a result creating balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit. We extract the essential oils from the flowers, roots, leaves, resins, roots or seeds of the plants. And as a result are 70% more powerful than the plant’s themselves.

Who Benefits

Since the oils are custom blended to the needs of the client, everyone can benefit from this therapy. The treatment is calming and de-stressing and as a result supports anyone who is stressed or going through difficult times. In addition if you are on a detoxification program, aromatherapy oils can be blended and incorporated with manual lymph drainage massage.

People with autoimmune disorders can benefit from the lymph massage and the custom blended oils. If you have a sports injury, essential oils together with massage assist in relaxing the muscles. In addition people suffering from migraine headaches or cluster headaches can greatly benefit from a Clinical aromatherapy treatment.

Post surgically an aromatherapy blend can help to heal bruises and scars. In addition the use of aromatherapy together with manual lymph drainage massage can speed the healing process.

If you are going through a difficult time psychologically, clinical aromatherapy can help to balance the emotions. (This treatment is not a substitute for professional counseling or treatment).

In addition if you in need of rebalancing we can help you with a customized blend specific to your needs.

Aromatherapy San Diego can help other conditions such as: Migraines, headaches, arthritis, and muscle spasms, sports injuries, in addition to bruises, pain and emotional stress. Furthermore scars, aging skin, acne, indigestion, colds, and hormonal imbalance. Finally circulation problems, insomnia, edema, lymphedema, mild depression, shock, trauma, fatigue, mental sluggishness and more.

How does it work?

By inhaling the oils, used in massage in lotions of oils or in a bath. As we inhale the aroma-particles from the oils, transported via the olfactory nerve directly to the Limbic system. As a result evoking thoughts, feelings memories and emotions. Aromatherapy addresses all aspects of the human being, body, mind and spirit.

Clinical Aromatherapy treatment and custom blend

80 minutes $175

The treatment combining lymph massage and custom blended oils is as a result calming and de-stressing. As a result benefits anyone who is stressed or going through difficult times in their life. In addition if you are on a detoxification program, aromatherapy oils can be blended and incorporated with manual lymph drainage massage. As a result aiding in detoxification. In addition people with autoimmune disorders can benefit from the aroma- lymph massage and the custom blended oils. As a result people suffering from migraine headaches or cluster headaches can greatly benefit from a Clinical aromatherapy treatment.

Linda- Anne Kahn is a Clinical Aromatherapist with over 25 years of experience. She customizes essential oil blends for many physical mental and emotional conditions. She teaches a 200 hour Aromatherapy certification program.

Clinical Aromatherapy Course

200 hour program – 4 x 50 hour sections.

Instructor Linda Anne Kahn CLT-LANA NCBTNB Clinical Aromatherapist

The object of this course is:

  • To give the student an in depth basic knowledge and understanding of the field of aromatherapy.
  • Help students to have a thorough understanding of aromatherapy to use as a career path or to incorporate into an existing professional practice.
  • To train students to practice safely and effectively with high ethical standards
  • To teach each student the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively treat a wide range of disorders and stress related body mind problems.

Participants will learn how:

  • Essential oils interact on physical, emotional and energetic/ spiritual levels.
  • How to have a working knowledge of the therapeutic and energetic aspects of essential oils.
  • How to consult with clients and formulate the appropriate blends.
  • About safety and hazards of essential oil use.
  • To create a blend and choose from a range of carrier oils.
  • To an in depth consultation and safely and effectively blend the appropriate oils needed for their case.
  • To create body products for personal and professional use.
  • To conduct a case study.
  • Profiles of 40-60 essential oils.
  • Give each individual an in depth knowledge of how the systems of the body interrelate with aromatherapy.
  • Discuss 4 disorders associated with each body system and appropriate aromatherapy treatment.
Aromatherapy San Diego

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