From the Beauty Kliniek Notebook

Tools for Health & Vitality

We all have the power to improve our health and have an excellent quality of life. On a daily basis we make choices that will contribute to the way we feel. Challenges of modern day living So much of the food we eat is nutritionally deficient. It is important to eat...

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Integrative Treatments for Lipedema

Lipedema is a chronic inflammatory disease of complex causes, of which we understand little about. Lipedema occurs almost exclusively in females and is characterized by symmetrical flabby swelling of the legs. There is an abnormal accumulation of fatty deposits...

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Aromatherapy for Pain

Are you in pain? The leading cause of pain is due to chronic inflammation.  Huge numbers of Americans regularly take over the counter pain killers each week. Many of these NSAIDS drugs, like Ibuprofen  cause gastrointestinal problems and also reflux disease.  Consider...

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Neroli is Springtime!

What a wonderful time of the year to enjoy all the fragrant blossoms that abound. Jasmine is in full blossom around my house and the fragrance permeates every room. On my early morning walks I can smell a symphony of fragrances. This is a time of the year to enjoy and...

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Your Lymphatic System – The Key to Health and Vitality

Do you ever experience achy feet and joints, ankles swelling, bloating and gas, swollen glands, chronic colds, fatigue, arthritis, general swelling of the body, fibromyalgia, aching breasts during a period, allergies and headaches? If you are experiencing several of...

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Event: Inner Wisdom & Outer Joy

Experience the power of being aware of your energy centers, being grounded in your emotions, and being connected to your highest mental state! Two days and 10 hours and you take control of your life. Get connected with your energy centers, Chakras, and learn how to...

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